PARI EduFuture is an offshoot of the Parliamentary and Administrative Research Institute (PARI), India's leading capacity building institution for Public Officials.

Our mandate is to help each and every student explore their educational aspirations in today's globalised world. Right from the first step of discovering and choosing the best colleges to providing all the information for your application process to editing your documents to finally preparing you for the interview, we are right by your side.

With an ever-growing network of affiliations with colleges worldwide, PARI EduFuture does not limit itself to foreign institutions. We pride ourselves in providing aspiring students opportunities and means to apply to the best colleges in our own country as well.

We are also very excited to announce that we are extending our brand to offer preparation material for the IELTS test. Our pedagogy is focused on enhancing the skills of each candidate instead of fixating on just scores. We hope to bring proficiency in the English language within the means of each and every student through economically priced offerings.