This course is our bestseller. We take pride in stating that even though the module is extensive and structured, each child is given individual attention, assessments according to their aptitude and feedback sessions after every full mock test. In our live online classes, we follow a focused syllabus that allows us to systematically cover every aspect of the IELTS test. This structure is specifically designed to mould according to each students’ need. By the end of the course, the student feels much more confident and can tackle the test in a much better way.

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Course Timeline

Week 1 and 2

Assessing the level of comfort. Helping students understand the patterns of the test and providing material for self-study

Week 3 and 4

Beginning with the topic and sectional tests. More class discussions and setting up challenging games and activities that help the student become fluent.


Week 5 and 6

In addition to the topic and sectional tests, mock tests will also be assigned. The skills will now be polished and honed and the frequency of personalised sessions will increase..

Week 7 and 8

2 full mocks tests a week. This is in addition to doubt clearing sessions, focused discussions and final strategies to ace the test.