Mock Test

Our mock tests are designed to create an experience very similar to the actual IELTS test. This gives the candidates time to familiarise themselves with the test pattern and thus increases their confidence. We take care to curate questions that are relevant and stimulating.

Cutting edge Course Materials

Our materials incorporate the latest pedagogical research in language acquisition to aid the in-class efforts. The materials are optimally calibrated to facilitate self-learning and increase fluency in the language.

Smooth Transition

We, at PARI EduFuture, strive to develop a candidate’s English not just for the test but for the life that awaits them in their country of choice. A good grasp over the language enables them to lead a better quality of life in a foreign land.

Reliable Strategy

The most foolproof strategy in language learning is to focus on every component i.e. Speaking, Writing, Reading and listening not individually but as mutually dependent activities. This strategy combined with carefully planned out tests and additional video content will result in robust and well-rounded learning.

Extra-curricular Sessions

Candidates will get a chance to further hone their skills by partaking in sessions like extempore speeches, group discussions and storytelling sessions among others to gain a situational understanding of the use of English. These sessions go a long way in building confidence and overcoming mental barriers.

English Proficiency Through Cultural Exposure

Language learning shouldn't be a dull affair. We believe it is very important to develop an interest and love for the new language. We strive to facilitate this by helping our candidates explore the vast sea of English popular culture content. Be is novels or famous TV shows, our programme allows you to immerse yourself completely.


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