Department of Space/ISRO

1. Parliamentary Questions: The session of the training was very informative. Now, I will feel more confident about the actions to be taken before the answering to a parliament question.

2. Parliamentary Assurances: The purpose of my attending the training was to clear the doubts about Parliament assurances. Now, many of my doubts about assurances has been cleared.

3. How to deal with Parliament-Lioisoning prospective: This session of the training was very informative and useful from department’s prospective. I think this type of session should be increased where experts who deal with parliament in other ministries maybe called.

4. Raising issues of Public Importance and Parliamentary Devices: This session gave me the idea about how the both houses of Parliament works. Especially the Parliament devices topics was excellent. This session clearly told us about the rule of ministry.

5. Parliamentary Committees: No Comments.