pari-3 Sh. S. Bal Shekar, former Secretary General, Lok Sabha, has a rich experience of 33 years in the Administrative/ Executive/ Legislative/ Committee services in the Indian Parliament including being Chief of Protocol and Conference Branch involving event management and visits to various countries on conference duty as Secretary to Parliamentary delegations. Sh. Bal Shekar holds a First Division in M.A English Literature from the University of Madras. He has rendered advice on various matters of Parliamentary practice and procedure to the Hon’ble Speaker and to the Lok Sabha.

Being the head of the Lok Sabha Secretariat, he has handled all aspects of administrative work of the Secretariat consisting of about 3000 employees. He has been a permanent faculty member of the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, which is an institution under the Lok Sabha imparting training to members of parliament, speakers and officers of parliament from various countries all over the world. He has organized several international and national level conferences on parliamentary matters, apart from organizing various ceremonies and functions in the Central Hall of Parliament including arrangements for addresses by international dignitaries such as the U.S President, etc. He has guided research activities of the Research Division of the Lok Sabha Secretariat to produce various papers to enable the Speaker and members of parliament to participate at various international events.