A Tailor Made       
Leadership Training Programme 
 on Anti-Corruption
and Good Governance
(New Delhi + Laxenburg,
Vienna, Austria)

A Customised Course      
on Public Health Policy Administration 
 in  Parliamentary Democracy
(New Delhi + London + Leeds )
for Medical Administrators in
Govt. and Autonomous
Health Institutions

International programme
on Leadership For Mental Health
System Development
(Melbourne, Australia)
for Officers of Govt. Of India,
Autonomous Health Institutions
and State Governments 


A Customised Course
on  Training in Anti-Corruption
 in a Parliamentary Democracy
(New Delhi + London)
for officers of Autonomous
Bodies  and PSUs under  
 the Central Government

Joint International Course
on  Public Policy Management
in Parliamentary Democracy
(New Delhi + London )
on Turnkey Basis
For Officers of Govt. of India,
Autonomous Bodies, PSUs,
Legislative Assemblies and
State Governments